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Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger & USB C Cable For S8 | S9 | S8 Plus

This 2 Amp travel adapter from Samsung recharges your phone's battery at a much faster rate than a typical 1 Amp or 700mAh charger (when used with the Galaxy Note 4 or either of the Galaxy S6 variants). The charger also adapts its output dependent on the device's capabilities.

Box contains 1 Samsung Fast Charging Travel Adapter in Black and 1 USB C cable.

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Fast Charging

Samsung Fast charging wall charger plugs in to any UK mains socket and the built-in fast charging technology means it will charge up at an incredibly fast rate. You can browse the web, make calls and message your friends while your phone still rapidly charges. The detachable cable means that any USB cable can be attached not just the USB-C cable included in the bundle. Only compatible devices will see full benefit of Samsung's Adaptive Fast Charging but other devices will charge at a good rate!


Samsung have introduced USB-C into their devices. Stepping away from the standard Micro-USB ports and cables that they previously used. It is a reversible connector so no longer you will need to struggle in the dark trying to insert your charging cable the correct way! It also allows data to sync and devices to charge at a faster rate than Micro USB and is becoming the norm for many smartphonesand  tablets.Not only will you have a great charger for your Samsung device but one that is compatible with many other devices in the coming years. 

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Colour black
Product Name Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger & USB C Cable For S8 | S9 | S8 Plus
Brand Unbranded
Size S
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